Broadcast Information

Worldwide Telecast Party
for the 145th Lehigh vs. Lafayette Football Game

Broadcast Information

Lehigh's TV Information

Coverage begins at 12:30 p.m. EST with Steve Degler, former Lehigh linebacker Mike Yadush ’93, and WFMZ-TV Sports Director Troy Hein.

Locally: WFMZ-TV: In the Lehigh Valley (channel 69; Service Electric dial position 8), Philadelphia (cable/satellite), most of western New Jersey (cable/satellite).  Check local listings.

Cable: Fox College Sports (FCS) Central: Available on digital cable systems nationally (over 56 million homes, 47 of the top 50 markets).  Check local listings or visit for the channel number in your area.

DirecTV: Through Fox College Sports, exclusively on channel 617

Tunable satellite dish (NOT satellite television, but an actual dish), here are the coordinates:
AMC 15-TX06 Slot A9 105’W
Down Freq: 11806.50 Horizontal 9MHz
Symbol Rate 6.1113
FEC of ¾

Troubleshooting Information

IMPORTANT NOTE:  There will be NO pre-game programming therefore you will not receive reception on these channels until exactly 12:30 p.m. (EST).  If after that time you are not receiving the telecast we suggest you have the venue manager contact their provider for assistance!

If you are experiencing technical difficulties at your Telecast Party location, please call DirecTV or your local cable company if viewing through Fox College Sports.

  888-200-4388 (business service)
  800-494-4388 (home service)

Lafayette's TV Information

ESPN Game Plan (ESPN's pay-per-view service), and on (ESPN's broadband service). They do not yet have an exact channel number, but have been told that as long as your bar/pub/restaurant carries ESPN Game Plan (and apparently, most do), you should be in good shape.

Dish Network channel 460, DirecTV channel 793

If your location uses a tunable satellite dish (NOT satellite television, but an actual dish), here are the coordinates:
Horizons 2    74 degrees west longitude
tdr 9
slot A, 9mhz
downlink freq – 12026.5 HORIZONTAL
symbol rate 6.1113

More on the Telecast

By way of background, all Lehigh University Athletics telecasts are produced by the Athletics Department in cooperation with MBC Teleproductions of Allentown or Service Electric Cable TV, with 100% of the funds being derived by the Athletics Department through corporate partnerships and other fundraising initiatives, including the Athletics Partnership.

At the same time, Lehigh’s national cable partner, Fox College Sports (FCS), has been airing Lehigh content for several years – including every televised Lehigh football game in 2009.  Available on cable systems nationwide in over 56 million homes, FCS is not offered on DirecTV or DISH Network – the two most popular consumer satellite television services.  Because of Fox’s partnership with DirecTV, FCS is able to offer one event live to a special-access DirecTV channel at a time.  Lehigh is proud to announce that once again the Lehigh telecast of Saturday’s game will air exclusively on this “special” DirecTV channel.

Lehigh alumni gathering at telecast parties throughout the country are encouraged to ensure their viewing location carries DirecTV or has Fox College Sports on their cable system.  Fans can see if Fox College Sports is available on cable television in their area by logging on to and entering their ZIP code in the box on the left side of the screen.  If their telecast location (or home cable system) receives FCS, then they can view the Lehigh telecast live on FCS Central.

Other Options for Experiencing the Game

On Radio: ESPN Radio of the Lehigh Valley: Located at 1230 AM and 1320 AM (WEEX-AM/WTKZ-AM).

Coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. EST outside Goodman Stadium when WFMZ-TV Sports Director Troy Hein and Lehigh Sports Magazine host Jim Vaughn host a special edition of 69 Sports Saturday.  The Countdown to Kick-Off show with Lehigh sideline reporter Matt Markus and ESPN Radio Program Director Tom Fallon takes over at 11:30 a.m., with interviews, analysis, and more.  13-year veteran Matt Kerr and former Lehigh standout receiver Kody Fedorcha ’00 will call the game action live.

On the Internet:

The television broadcast can be seen live and on-demand at, with streaming provided by industry pioneer Yahoo! Sports.  On-demand access to Lehigh Athletics broadcasts – over 200 events per year – is available for no charge this season, thanks to the Lehigh Athletics Partnership, the fundraising arm for Lehigh Athletics.  Other content leading up to the game includes video highlights from Wednesday’s media luncheon, and interviews with Coach Andy Coen and select student-athletes previewing the game – all available free.

Enjoy the game with fellow Lehigh alumni, family and friends — along with Lafayette alumni!

Most locations (unless otherwise noted) are free admission. Cash bar, order from the menu.

View a list of other locations.