Welcome to the Lehigh Black and Latino Alumni Network for Community and Equity (BALANCE)

Our mission is to serve the needs and strengthen the relationships of Black and Latino alumni; to engage and involve alumni in the university’s initiatives in order to influence and advance the ideals of an equitable and inclusive Lehigh community.

Goals of BALANCE

  • Build a network of Black and Latino alumni to facilitate their affiliation with each other and the university
  • Reach out to Black and Latino alumni to engage them in the life of the university
  • Provide university leadership with input to influence the policies and practices on diversity
  • Involved Black and Latino alumni in the university's strategies to support retention, and assist with the recruitment of well qualified or outstanding Black and Latino students
  • Establish a program for alumni to serve as mentors and provide career development guidance for students

BALANCE Officers

Dr. Wayne L. Bethea '91 '94G '01G - Chair
LUAA Director-At-Large

Jessica Huertas ’94 - Vice-Chair

Sonya James’08 and Breana Love ‘08


Dr. Henry Odi '98(G)

Vice Provost for Academic Diversity and Adjunct Professor
Provost Office
Phone: 610-758-3813

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