The Awards Committee of the Alumni Association is looking for nominees for the following awards:

LUAA Alumni Award

Congratulations to our 2015 Alumni Award winners.

1945 Lee A. Iacocca
1950 Donald F. Williams
1950 Andrew K. Morris
1955 Donald E. Steeber
1960 John J. Kennedy
1965 Michael G. Bolton
1970 Jeffrey A. Parks
1975 Paul F. Hartzell
1980 William J. Maloney
1985 Andrew T. Fife
1990 Elizabeth A. Stothoff
1995 Shoshana Schiff
2000 Philip E. Schoen
2005 Kelly E. Wallace
2010 Michael K. Hodsdon

Lee Iacocca has impacted scholars studying in Iacocca Hall on the Mountaintop Campus, the students who are developing leadership and entrepreneurship skills in the Iacocca Institute’s Global Village programs, and the interns who travel to international destinations to experience life-changing experiences as a result of the Iacocca International Internship Program.

After graduating, Andy Morris has ensured that Lehigh students can have the same foundational experiences that he had. He’s supported the Athletics Partnership and the Coach Leckonby Fund. He stepped forward again and served on his 50th Reunion Committee and is a member of the Asa Packer and Tower Societies.

Don Williams has a long history of passion for Lehigh — over 50 years. He’s the flag bearer for the Class of 1950 at the First Year Rally and has been the Reunion parade marshal. For 15 years, he has been the class correspondent and secretary for his class. Consistently, he has philanthropically supported Lehigh through his years of fundraising efforts and personal giving.

A pillar of support, you can always count on Don Steeber to come to the aid of his Lehigh family. His support of Lehigh is especially varied, from building his class parade float and supporting the Lunch Bunch of Virginia to planning Reunion, being a member of the Tower Society, a supporter of the wrestling club and a season ticket holder to Lehigh football games.

John Kennedy is a consistent and deep supporter of Lehigh as a member of the South Mountain, Asa Packer and Tower Societies. He served on the Parents’ Council and has been a spirited member of the LU Wrestling Club for the past 10 years.


Mike Bolton has a long history of service to Lehigh. Vice President of Development from 1990-1997. A LUAA club president and board member. Officer of the Lehigh Home Club. The founding chief executive of the Ben Franklin Technology Center. He has worked as an adviser to others, serving on the Baker Institute Advisory Council, the Greek Alumni Council, and the Wall Street Council. He has served on multiple Reunion fund committees and founded the Bolton Family Scholarship Fund.

As a champion of Bethlehem, Jeff Parks’s contribution to the revitalization of the city and the clear benefits this provides to the university and its alumni community are invaluable. He established Musikfest, now one of the nation’s largest music festivals, which brings in a million people every year. He founded Christkindlmarkt and The Banana Factory, giving an outlet to artists and artisans to practice and sell their work. He also created ArtsQuest Center at SteelStacks, a performing arts center.

Paul Hartzell connected alums in England, the U.S. and Singapore with incredible opportunities. He has held on-campus baseball clinics to assist Lehigh students who are passionate about the game, giving them an opportunity to work with major league players. He has supported the Lehigh Athletics Partnership since its inception, and he served as chairman of the partnership board.

In times of need, Bill Maloney has stepped forward. After making a gift in honor of his roommate, who passed away on September 11, Bill has supported Lehigh with annual gifts. He helped develop a plan to save the Chilean miners. His support of others can be seen in his dedication to sharing his stories with students and alumni, establishing an endowment for the ice hockey team and serving on his class Reunion committee.

When you think of the Wall Street Council, you think of Andrew Fife. As president and founding member, he has organized events for students and alums, bringing in speakers who educate and inspire. He has served as a member of the Lehigh Leadership Council, a Lehigh Fund class volunteer, and a member of the Asa Packer Society. Andrew also connects graduates with major Wall Street firms.

Beth A. Stothoff has been a constant pillar of support for Lehigh for many years. She’s served as her class columnist for 25 years, from the day she graduated. For the past decade she’s advised Alpha Phi, her sorority, and served on the Greek Alumni Council. She has served on a plethora of Reunion committees.

While Shoshana Schiff thrived in her career as partner of her law firm, she has served as LUAA club board chair, Alumni Admissions Outreach volunteer, class committee volunteer, sendoff host since 2009, and a member of the Lehigh Lawyers Association since 2011.

Since 2005, Phil Schoen has been involved with the Lehigh Club of Westchester and Fairfield Counties and has served as its president since 2009. He served on his class Reunion committee, hosted Lehigh-Lafayette telecasts, and led the group funding campaign for the Newman Center. He has also held membership in the Asa Packer Society since graduation.

Kelly Wallace has been a steadfast volunteer with the Boston Club since 2005, serving as a board member and club president over the years.


After graduation, Mike Hodsdon dove enthusiastically into the Young Alumni Council, working to guide members through transitional periods. He applies his leadership skills to benefit Lehigh in any way he can; he recently took on a recruiting position at his company, Lutron, and spends his time outside work mentoring and networking with Lehigh undergraduates.