The Awards Committee of the Alumni Association selects recipients for the following awards:
The Alumni Association is also looking for nominees for the following awards to be given in the spring:

Undergraduate Merit Award

Graduate Student Merit Award

Friend of Lehigh Award

Good Neighbor Award

LUAA Alumni Award

Congratulations to the 2016 Award Recipients!

Alumni are recognized for their service, loyalty, and dedication to Lehigh University.

The Eugene G. Grace 1899 Award is presented in recognition of distinguished service encouraging support of Lehigh University, given by the Office of Advancement. The Eugene G. Grace 1899 Award recipient for 2016 is:

Dennis Singleton '66


The Joseph R. Persa '48 Award is presented to the individual who has made the greatest contribution to an outstanding class reunion. This award is presented in memory of a dedicated alumnus who served with distinction as general reunion chairman from 1958 until his death in 1980. The Joseph R. Persa '48 Award recipient for 2016 is:

Martin Matijasich '71


The George F.A. Stutz '22 Award is presented to a senior alumnus whose integrity, humility, dedication, and loyalty personify the spirit of George F.A. Stutz '22. The recipient should demonstrate lifelong leadership and service in diverse volunteer roles within the Lehigh community. A senior alumnus is defined as a Lehigh graduate of 35 or more years ago. The George F.A. Stutz '22 Award recipient for 2016 is:

Otto Ehrsam '51


The Alumni Award
Recipients are Lehigh men and women who have given continuing support to the university; have been instrumental in directing the proper type of young men and women to Lehigh; have been willing to give their time and energies insofar as their location and opportunity have permitted, as class agents, class correspondents, or workers in the special projects which the Alumni Association has from time to time sponsored, and have contributed significantly to the civic, religious, social, industrial, business and professional life of their respective communities. 

Bill Luce '56

Jim White '56

Thad Turner '61

Armand Fernandes '61

Harry Brown '66

Eric Flicker '71 

Chad Paul '76

Linda Taylor Ferguson '81

Rebecca Sendel '86

Jill Anderson '91

Danielle Carpino '96

Sabrina McGuigan '01

Deidre Martin '06

Krista Belick Buckheit '11