Fraternity Expansion History

Fraternity Expansion: Completed 2008-2009

In the 2007- 2008 report of the Greek System Wide Assessment Committee, the recommendation was made and accepted to begin the Greek expansion process with the intent of inviting up to two non-residential NIC fraternities to begin the colonization process.

The following resources are available to provide insight into the expansion process, information about what it means to be a "non-residential chapter," and other helpful links, as Lehigh continues its efforts to strengthen its Greek community.

  • Memo from the Greek Alumni Council to all Formerly Recognized Chapters at Lehigh University
  • Lehigh's Expansion Policy for North American Interfraternity Conference-affiliated chapters
  • Non-residential fraternity FAQs
  • Lehigh University article about the selection of the two non-residential fraternities

For questions and more information about the expansion process, please contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs at (610) 758-4157. You may also contact your Inter/National Headquarters.