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Gain insight into today's hottest topics with some of Lehigh's finest minds with Mountain Talks, brought to you by the Lehigh University Alumni Association. These online presentations will enlighten and educate you on pressing issues and allow you engage personally with talented faculty, staff, and alumni.

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Recent Mountain Talks


Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, Eric P.S. Baumer
Could you quit Facebook for 99 days? Professor Baumer discusses his research on "technology non-use" and if our use of social media might be considered an addiction.
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Astronomer and Assistant Professor of Physics, Joshua Pepper
Professor Pepper discusses his discovery of a new giant gas planet, KELT-11b, dubbed the 'Styrofoam Planet', found using a telescope that he built.
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No One Is Coming to Save Us with Stephanie Powell Watts
Watts, associate professor of English and author of the hit book, No One Is Coming to Save Us, discuss her writing process, her inspiration, and answers questions about the book. 
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Social Entrepreneurship with Carrie Rich '07
Carrie Rich '07, CEO of The Global Good Fund and recipient of the 2016 EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award, POLITICO Women Who Rule Award, Washington Business Journal 40 under 40, and Top 30 Start-ups to Watch, discusses what social entrepreneurship is and how her social enterprise, The Global Good Fund, supports young global innovators who are trying to make the world a better place through business. 
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Airline Customer Service with Sandy Stelling '91
Sandy Stelling '91, Managing Director at Alaska Airlines discusses how the airline, ranked #1 in overall customer satisfaction by JD Power for the 10th year in a row, handles customer service.
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Mountain Talk: Why Sports in Schools are Important for Student Success
Kevin Kniffin '95, Visiting Assistant Professor at Cornell University's Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management discusses his research on the correlation between high school athletes and career success.
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Mountain Talk: Combating Antibiotic Resistance
P.C. Rossin Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering discusses her research. 
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Mountain Talk: Gary M. Sasso
Dean of the College of Education discusses the college's impressive programs, research, and faculty.
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Mountain Talk: Georgette Chapman Phillips
Kevin L. and Lisa A. Clayton Dean of the College of Business and Economics discusses her plans to raise the stature, visibility and prestige of the College.
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Mountain Talk: Donald E. Hall
Donald E. Hall, Herbert J. and Ann L. Siegel Dean of the 
College of Arts and Sciences discusses the transformative potential of a holistic and multidisciplinary education.
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 "Elder Care Journey"
Presented by Laura Katz Olson,
Professor of Political Science
Laura discusses her personal experience in caring for her elderly mother in her newest book, Elder Care Journey: A View From the Front Lines
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"Leadership as a Creative State of Mind"
Presented by Jon Drescher
Professor of Practice, Center for Developing Urban
Educational Leaders Program (CDUEL)
Founding Director and Lead Faculty Member,
Urban Principals Academy (U*PAL)
College of Education
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"3D Printing on South Mountain"
Presented by Brian Slocum '97
Director of Lehigh University's Additive Manufacturing Lab
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"Mountain Talk: James Peterson"
Dr. Peterson, director of Africana Studies and associate professor of English discusses his newest book, Prison Industrial Complex for Beginners, the story behind the NEH Challenge Grant and news about the Africana Studies Cluster.
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"When Trying to Be Unbiased Succeeds (and Fails): The Unexpected Nature of Prejudice"
Presented by Dr. Gordon Moskowitz
Professor and Chair of Lehigh
University's Psychology Department

"Big Data Analytics: The Hype and the Hope"
Presented by Dr. Ted Ralphs
Co-founder and co-director of the Computational Optimization Research at Lehigh Laboratory, chair of Lehigh's High-Performance Computing Steering Committee
"Weighing the Options:
Subsidizing Healthy Foods to Reduce Health Care Costs"

with Chad Meyerhoefer

"Where Should I Send My Child to School?" 
with Professor Craig Hochbein
Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership, Lehigh University
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"Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life"
with Bruce Chodosh, '65
Managing Partner, SpectraComm
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"It's Alive!" The Meanings of the Horror Film
with Professor Dawn Keetley
Associate Professor of English, Lehigh University
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"How to Sell Yourself in 15 Seconds or Less"
with Sara Nowlin, '99
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"Understanding the Silent Flight of Owls" with Professor Justin Jaworski
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineer & Mechanics - Read more about Professor Jaworski
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"Exploring the Potential of Game-Based Learning" with Dr. Scott Garrigan
Professor of Practice, Lehigh University College of Education- Read more about Dr. Garrigan

"Multitasking and Mind Wandering" with Professor Kate Arrington
Associate Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Lehigh University Dept. of Psychology - Read more about Dr. Arrington
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"Becoming an Effective Public Speaker" with Rick Fornoff, 74
Communications Consultant, Presentation Coach at Message Clarity - Read more about Rick
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"We Have to Stop Meeting Like This" 
with Mary Wilson, '74G 
Owner, Learning Solutions - Read more about Mary
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"Developing Your Personal Brand" with Regina Lewis, ‘91
Media Contributor, Spokesperson and Trainer - Read more about Regina

"Leadership...It's not you, it's them!!"
 with Scott Neilson, ‘76, '79G
CEO of Mandala Partners International - Read more about Scott
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"Conflict and Negotiation in the Workplace"
 with Tom Mattus, ‘76G
 President of Successful Strategies International, Inc. - Read more about Tom
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"The Insider Perspective on Hiring" with Gailon Jacobs, ‘89, ‘93G
Sr. Manager Global Mobility at RMS - Read more about Gailon

Jack Kloeber

"Handling Uncertainty in Key Decisions" with Jack Kloeber, '77, '88G
Principal at Kromite, LLC- Read more about Jack