Alumni Association

Our Vision

Inspire passion.

Our Mission

To cultivate continuous engagement through meaningful relationships in support of the university's mission.

FY14 Strategy

Retain; Acquire; Grow

Key Expectations

To honor, preserve and celebrate Lehigh traditions and embrace new traditions.

To serve and respond to the needs of our alumni globally.

To continuously offer programs and services to benefit our alumni throughout their lives.

To provide an inclusive and supportive environment to alumni of diverse backgrounds, interests, experiences, domicile, and stage in life.

To communicate clearly and consistently with our alumni about all things Lehigh.

To lead by example through participation in Lehigh programs and fund raising campaigns.

Focus Areas

“Constituents”:  (Graduate Students; Graduate Alumni; Parents; and Friends of the University): Improve marketing segmentation and messaging; identify presenters, subject matter experts, and topics of interest.

Virtual Programs
: Continue the development of Mountain Talks, career, and professional development programs.

Young Alumni
: Improve involvement in all aspects of our Alumni Relations programs from volunteering to event attendance with particular attention to Reunion.

: Bringing Lehigh to where our alumni live (regional clubs) or where they have professional/personal interest (affinity).

Volunteer Opportunities Online: Dramatically increase our volunteer base.  As ambassadors, they are a force multiplier promoting all things Lehigh.