Recorded Webinars

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How to Use LinkedIn Powerfully Webinars

Unlock the power of LinkedIn with this four part webinar series.  This series includes four webinars:  Managing Your Profile, Building Meaningful Connections, Advanced Searching on LinkedIn, and Company Research & Job Postings.  The webinars will cover everything you need to know to achieve your professional and networking goals.

Jump-start Your Job Search Webinars

Prepare for your job search with the guidance of our professional staff via web seminars.  For alumni who are not available during business hours to participate in our live, online course, we are happy to offer recordings of the course seminars.
  Topics include:  Conducting a Proactive Job Search, Communication Tools, Networking, Career Branding, Interviewing, Salary Negotiation, and Career Management.  Want the outline of each seminar?  Click here.

Career Change

You Have a Job...Now Find Your Career

As we evolve in our professional lives, our skill sets and interests may change, leading us to want to discover something new.

  In this workshop, go back to basics and learn more about:  

    •    Exploring and identifying your values, interests, personality and skills (V.I.P.S.).
    •    Self-reflection exercises and assessments to expand your self- knowledge.
    •    Resources that help you connect your VIPS to industries and career paths.
    •    Exploring educational programs to meet career goals.

Graduate School Preparation

Graduate School: Conquering the Application Process

Making the decision to go to graduate school can be a complicated process, with so many variables to consider. If you decide you want to go, you then have to conquer the application process.  We can help! 

In this web seminar, we will:

    •    Discuss reasons why you want to go to grad school.
    •    Discuss the many variables you need to consider before and when you apply.
    •    Review the application process basics.
    •    Review financial aid options