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Let everybody know that you're Lehigh for Life! If you have any questions about the merchandise, please call 610-758-3135.


Lehigh University Golf BagNew! Play a full 18 with this lightweight Lehigh University golf bag. This signature bag features convenient, spacious pockets and lightweight, durable construction. Selection includes your choice of logo style and cart bag or stand bag.




Duckloe Windsor ChairHave a seat! This unique Lehigh Duckloe Windsor Chair, complete with Lehigh logo, can also be personalized.



Duckloe Sweater ChestThis Duckloe Sweater Chest is the perfect accent to any room.



Gameday SweatersThis 100% merino wool sweater is the essential sweater for any Lehigh alumnus.  Perfect for football games or any time you want to show your Lehigh school spirit!



Little Brown BoxChance brings people together...Tradition makes them family. The Little Brown Box contains more than a century's worth of Lehigh heritage; the stories and traditions that make us Lehigh. Get your Little Brown Box while they're still available, and get a piece of Lehigh history!



Alumni Memorial Watercolor: The ivy covered walls of the Alumni Memorial Building is the first view most prospective students get when they arrive at Lehigh for the first time. Nationally recognized artist Nicholas P. Santoleri has created a beautiful watercolor of this iconic Lehigh landmark — and you can get a signed, numbered limited edition print to hang proudly on your wall.



Linderman UmbrellasNow you can own your own piece of Lehigh history, with this unique item: a beautifully designed Linderman Library umbrella that will keep you dry and show your Lehigh pride. The umbrella now comes in two sizes: a sturdy, spacious golf umbrella, and a handy compact size!



Lehigh License PlateShow every driver on the road that you're Lehigh for Life, with a specialty Lehigh license plate! The plate proudly displays the Lehigh emblem, along with the words Lehigh University Alumni.


Lehigh University BookstoreApparel and accessories created especially for Lehigh alumni. Order online through the bookstore! Get delivery as quickly as overnight.



Lehigh PillowAdd a touch of Lehigh to your decor with this soft cotton and wool bolster pillow with vintage-style lettering.


"Legends of Lehigh-Lafayette" (150th Game Edition) and "Celebrating 150 in NYC" Book Bundle: Book bundle includes "Legends of Lehigh-Lafayette" (150th Game Edition) and "Celebrating 150 in NYC." Both books are also available separately. Available online at and at the Lehigh Bookstore.