One of the best strategies you can employ in your career transition or your job search is networking. Actually, even if you're not in transition, you should still be networking. You never know what opportunity may present itself! 

Think about this: about 90% of positions available aren't even advertised. How do people find them? Networking! Talking with people you know and asking them to introduce you to other folks is the core of networking. 

  • LinkedIn
    Join the Lehigh University Alumni Group on LinkedIn, online professional networking site.  LinkedIn is a great networking tool and our group is 10,100 members and growing!  Click here to learn more about how to make the most of your LinkedIn account.
  • Career Networking Receptions (CNRs)
    Our premier annual networking events give you the opportunity to meet and talk shop with other alumni in your area.
  • Alumni Clubs
    Your regional Lehigh alumni club is a great place to start your networking. Attend an event near you!
  • Lehigh Alumni Recruiters & Search Firms
    Connect with Lehigh alumni who are looking for qualified candidates.

To learn more about how to network visit the Career Toolkit or sign up for the Job Search and Career Management Course.