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Our Career Toolkit was created with Lehigh alumni specifically in mind, whether you are three years into your career or thirty years.  For the job seeker, this resource will get you started on the right track by taking you through the steps for a successful job search. For alumni who are looking for career management advice and career discovery, the Toolkit will also provide you with support and advice to keep you moving forward.

We’ve put together this toolkit with the hope of saving you time.  We know that looking for a new position, changing careers or applying to graduate school is a time-consuming process and we wanted to assemble materials that are “the best of the best.”

Rather than you drafting a cover letter or taking a stab at your first “professional summary,” we have assembled many samples which show the most effective way to present yourself.  We’ve also included sample interview questions, questions that you can ask on your interview as well as salary negotiation strategies.  If you haven’t job searched before, this guide will support you through each phase of your search.