Club Resource Center

Welcome, club volunteers. Let us help you reach your club's fullest potential.

So you're ready to start a club in your area? PERFECT! Use this page to help you discover new ways to recruit alumni to your board, and future events. You'll find help tips on marketing strategies, alumni surveys, and event recruiting.

Excited about your new club volunteers? Get off on the right foot with the proper training tools. Use this page to help you train current board members. You will also find it useful when designing your club's succession plan, as well as training opportunities both remotely and on campus.

Have a strong group of leaders? Let us help you utilize them to the club's fullest potential. This page will help you manage your club by providing you insight on job descriptions, meeting structure, volunteer agreements, and other helpful tools.

Need help planning events? You've come to the right place. This page will help you from brainstorming to executing.

Want to thank a stellar volunteer for their recent efforts? Let us help! This page will help you recognizing valuable volunteers, as well as give you more insight on how to get your club recognized.