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Where Should I Send My Child to School?

Advice from a Researcher and Parent

Many parents feel tremendous pressure to select the “right” high, middle, and elementary schools for their children. In the past, local opinion and reputation often guided school selection. Today, parents can supplement the personal anecdotes with an immense amount of readily-available performance data about private, parochial, charter, and public schools. Although such data can help inform their decisions, it can both overwhelm and mislead parents.  To help parents with their selection process, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership Craig Hochbein will offer insights from his professional expertise as an educational researcher and his role as a parent of two children on the verge attending elementary school.


About the speaker:

Craig Hochbein is an assistant professor of Educational Leadership in the College of Education at Lehigh University.  In his research, Hochbein utilizes quantitative statistical analyses to examine the longitudinal development of school performance. He has specifically investigated factors associated with declining academic achievement and the effectiveness of educational policies and reforms to improve school performance. His research has been published in numerous scholarly journals and he serves as the assistant editor for the international journal School Effectiveness and School Improvement. In addition his scholarly work, Hochbein has published several op-eds in popular media outlets. He discussed the process of choosing schools in a piece entitled, “An Average School I Would Want My Children to Attend”, which appeared in The Answer Sheet section of the Washington Post. He also debated school choice in “Benefits, Pitfalls of Buying School like Groceries”, which was published in The Morning Call.  Hochbein is the father of four year-old Sully and two year-old Dempsey.  He is married to Kelly, an author and writer for Lehigh University, who wrote a piece about Sully’s current school on her blog Write, Read, Smile.

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