Wrestling Club Membership


Wrestling Club Membership

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THE LEHIGH WRESTLING CLUB: Mission and Membership

The mission of the Lehigh Wrestling Club is to support Lehigh wrestling and promote the fan wrestling experience. The Club schedules activities and events to provide opportunities to interact and socialize with the wrestlers, coaches, students, parents and other fans. Through our publications and website, fans are kept "up to speed" on the latest Lehigh wrestling information. All fans of Lehigh wrestling are encouraged to "Get On Board" The Lehigh Express to show your support for our great student athletes.
"ALLLL aboard for an exciting season!"
Get on Board!


Club Events for Fans -Meet the Wrestlers Picnic (9/15/13), pre and post match dinners and receptions (including 2/14/14 w/special guest Dan Gable!), bus trips and lodging for Nationals.
Club Website -www.LehighWrestling. com is a valued tool for Club members with wrestling news, analysis and announcements; links to Forum discussions; links
to publications, Lehigh wrestling historical data and photos from match and club events.
Two Mat Wrap Publications - Special Pre-season and Year end editions prepared by Denny Diehl exclusively for Club members.
10% Member discounts at Hotel Bethlehem, Starters Restaurants and for emblematic items at the Lehigh Bookstore.
Automated Ticket Swap for Club members through the Website.
Preserving and Growing the Lehigh Wrestling Tradition - special efforts by the Club to promote Lehigh Wrestling to Lehigh undergraduates.
On-line Membership Sign-Up with credit card payment option at www.LehighWrestling.com


Lehigh owns one of the Nation's most unique wrestling traditions, ranking 5th all-time in NCAA titles won. Lehigh ranks in the Top 10 in All-Americans and home match attendance. We look forward to welcoming defending NCAA Champion Penn State and perennial NCAA power Iowa which headline a stellar home schedule. The Lehigh
Wrestling Club is one of the largest and vibrant in the nation, with over 1,000 members. It's only with your support that we can promote and build upon our great tradition.

Nick Noel '74 President
Lehigh Wrestling Club


It's an honor and a privilege to be entering my 6th season as head wrestling coach at Lehigh University. Lehigh has a program with a strong and rich tradition of wrestling, and terrific support from the alumni, fans and the community. Lehigh wrestling has been a part of my family for a long time. We are proud of our dual meet success over the last 5 years. Including wins over such storied programs as Penn State, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Michigan, Pitt and Cornell. I am very excited about the rising talent in our program as several young men are ready to step onto the national stage.

I'm writing to:

1.) Thank you for your previous support of Lehigh wrestling through your membership in the Lehigh Wrestling Club.

2.) Ask that you take the time to renew your membership now for the upcoming 2013-14 season.

3.) Consider an additional tax deductible contribution to the Athletics Partnership Wrestling Restricted Fund to help me and my coaching staff maintain our program at the highest level of NCAA competition. Contributions are needed to supplement University Funding for the following Wrestling Program Priorities:
• Recruiting supplement
• Additional winter and spring break resources
• Freestyle spring wrestling
• Supplemental staffing resources
• Summer school
• Technology upgrades (laptops, video camera, software)
• Weightroom equipment and repairs
• Professional development for coaching staff
• In-season travel supplement
• Team apparel

Highlights for the upcoming season include visits to Bethlehem from defending National Champion Penn State, perennial national power Iowa and traditional rivals Pitt, Navy and Rutgers. Away matches include arch-rival Cornell and rising powers Oregon State and Boise State. You can review the updated tentative 2013-14 schedules for LU wrestling meets
and Club events on the Club website at: www.LehighWrestling.com. You can follow us on Facebook at Lehigh Wrestling Official Page.

To renew your membership in the Club, please complete the form on the back page and send it to the address shown, with your check payable to Lehigh University, or use the on-line option at www.LehighWrestling.com. It is with your continued support that we are able to sustain our success, and for which we thank you very much!

Pat Santoro Executive Director,
Lehigh Wrestling Club