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College of Business and Economics

Dean’s Advisory Council


The CBE Business Advisory Council (BAC) was established in 1990 by former dean Dick Barsness.   It was comprised of a small group of Lehigh graduates who had been instrumental in raising funds for the building of the Rauch Business Center. At the completion of the fundraising, the group remained as an important business advisory council to the dean. 

The Business Advisory Council was re-energized with a more defined scope of financial commitment and interaction in fall 2000, under the leadership of Dean Dick Durand and board chair, Fred Fraenkel.  At this time, the BAC became the “CBE Board of Advisors.”

In 2011, under the leadership of Dean Paul Richard Brown, the CBE Board of Advisors officially changed its name to the “CBE Dean’s Advisory Council.” This name change more accurately reflects the dean’s relationship with the group and the important role it plays in providing advice and guidance to the dean and college leadership.  

Since its inception, there have been seven chairs:

1990 – 1994:        Joseph (Jack) Welch ‘56

1995 – 1996:        Frank Spiegel ‘57

1996 – 2000:        Paul Leitner ‘76

2000 – 2004:        Fred Fraenkel ‘71

2004 – 2011:        Bob Brown ‘78

2011 – 2012:        Brad Eric Scheler ‘74

2012 -  Present    John Chrin ’85 ‘86